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If you are not sure which antenna will work best for you, then we can help.

If you can install an outdoor antenna, you should. Outdoor antennas will work better than indoor models and will pick up more HDTV channels.

The best outdoor antenna we carry in terms of mileage range, is our HD2605 antenna. This antenna is also our top seller and what we always recommend first.

The second best outdoor antenna we carry is our HD8008. What makes this model great is that fact that it is an omni-directional antenna. It does not need a rotor and picks up all signals without any rotating. This antenna has a range of around 125 miles.

If you must install an indoor antenna, the HD468 is the best choice. It has a range up to 75 miles. The adjustable built in gain control will help lock in all the local channels.

HD2605 LAVA HD2605

LAVA HD2605 Ultra G3 Motorized Outdoor HDTV Antenna With Remote Control

  • Reception Up To 150 Miles - Strongest Antenna Available!
  • 360 Degree Rotation With Wireless Remote Control
  • Supports Up To 8 TVs
  • Antenna Size: 29 Inches Wide, 20 Inches Long, & 10 Inches Tall
  • Powerful G3 Amplifier Included
  • FREE 6 Ft. Coaxial Patch Cable

On Sale: $69.95

HD8008 LAVA HD8008

LAVA HD8008 Omni-Directional Amplified HDTV Antenna - Receive All Directions At Once


  • Reception Up To 125 Miles - "Set It And Forget It" No Aiming Or Pointing
  • Full 360 Degree Omni-Directional Antenna
  • Receives Stations From North, East, South, And West All At The Same Time
  • Outdoor Or In Attic, Supports Up To 8 TVs
  • Powerful Inline Amplifier Included
  • Anti-UV Coating, 100% Waterproof

On Sale: $84.95

HD468 LAVA HD468

LAVA HD468 Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna # 1 Ranked Indoor Model


  • Up To 75 Miles Reception, Strongest Indoor Antenna Available
  • Includes Built-In Powerful Adjustable 36dB Gain Amplifier
  • Includes 4Ft. RG6 Coaxial Cable
  • Comes Fully Assembled Out Of The Box
  • Adjustable Tilt Stand To Get The Best Angle
  • 360 Degree Swivels To Point In Any Direction
  • Antenna Can Receive HDTV Signals Both Indoors Or Basements
  • 2 Year Warranty

On Sale: $34.95